My name is Martin Bleasdale and I’m a website designing amateur photographer who lives in Preston, Lancashire (hence Northern Photographer).  Being in the line of work I’m in, I’ve always had an interest in photography.  Since I got my first SLR camera almost 3 years ago, my interest has transformed into a hobby that I enjoy and find very rewarding.

I currently use a Canon 500d camera with a few lenses I’ve added to my collection – Canon 18-135mm, 50mm, 55-250mm and a Samyang 8mm Fisheye.  I also have my iPhone with me at all times which comes in handy for quick photos!

Take a look at my gallery to see a selection of images that I’m particularly proud of!  You’ll find Formula 1 photos, pictures from my travels and photographs of friends & family.

You can stay up to date with me by reading my blog, following me on Instagram and Twitter or like my page on Facebook.

My Camera Kit