Visit To Stongehenge

Over the past few years I’ve been to see at take photographs at many famous landmarks all over the world.  Chichen Itza in Mexico, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Mount Vesuvius in Italy to name just a few.  You don’t need to travel all over the world though to see famous landmarks, we have some right on our doorstep in England!

After visitng Longleat Safari Park, we also visited Stonehenge.  Built around 3000 BC, Stonehenge today now attracts thousands of visitors each year.  Although it has been carefully restored and maintained over the years, all of the stones at Stonehenge are original stones from when it was built many years ago.

We were very lucky to visit on a bright sunny day which really showed off Stonehenge at its best. It has certainly encouraged me to go and see more of the sights of England (photos of course will be available here).

I’ve uploaded a few of my photographs taken on the day below for you to look at and if that isn’t enough, you can also view a few more on my Facebook page.

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