A Walk Down The Old Railway, Preston With Just A 50mm

I’ve had a busy few weeks and haven’t had much time to take photos recently. As the weather was nice yesterday I thought I’d grab my camera and take the opportunity to go for a walk down the Old Railway, which goes from Lostock Hall to Avenham Park in Preston (the route is also known as Preston Junction Nature Reserve). I’ve walked/cycled along here many times before with my camera and I usually just take my camera bag with all my lenses in, this time I thought I would just take the one lens out.

I decided to use my 50mm prime lens. As it has a fixed focal length, it meant that I’d have to think about where I stand to compose the shot and it’s wide maximum aperture meant that I could get some shots with low depth of field to make for some great photographs with blurry backgrounds.

There were lots of bees and butterflys around which made for some great nature photography. Because I only had my 50mm though, it meant I had to do some sneaking up on them which is easier said than done!

It was a useful exercise and something that I plan to do again in the future but with a different lens.

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