2013 Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Despite the rather damp 2012 British Grand Prix, we decided to head back to Silverstone for the 2013 Formula 1 British Grand Prix…and really glad we did!  Even though we had a damp start to the weekend, by Saturday the sun took over and you could have been in Spain or Italy watching a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

We camped again at Silverstone Woodlands and even though we didn’t have any complaints last year (taking the terrible weather into consideration), we enjoyed camping even more this year.  The entertainment throughout the weekend was brilliant and The Red Bullets were even joined by a special guest drummer, BBC F1 presenter Eddie Jordan!

And so to the racing… Things started off well with Sam Bird winning the first GP2 race and Lewis Hamilton followed that up by claiming Pole Position for the Grand Prix with a stunning lap.  We watched Qualifying from Village corner and Lewis looked mighty braking into that corner!  Sunday started off well too. Jon Lancaster won the second GP2 race, the sun was shining and Hamilton was comfortably leading the Grand Prix…that was until lap 9 when things went bang, literally!

We sat in the Woodcote A stand for the race so we were at the end of the straight when his tyre blew.  At first everyone was unsure as to what was happening (we didn’t have a good view of a TV screen from there).  Once we all realised, there was a lot of disappointed people around.  In fact, the volume of the cumulative groans was only beaten by the cheers of Vettel retiring from the race.

In the end it was left to Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber to fight out for the victory.  With this being Webbers last Formula 1 British Grand Prix, I think most of the crowd were hoping he’d sign off with a win.  But it wasn’t to be and Nico did a great job over the weekend.  I don’t think anyone was too unhappy with the final result.

If you would like to see more of my Formula 1 photographs from this years British Grand Prix, take a look at my Facebook page.

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